Healing the Dark Side


Healing the Dark Side

The deep natural wisdom of shamanic rituals will help you recognize and let go of energies, fears and false beliefs, which prevent you from living your life in its full beauty.

Meeting our own shadow requires great personal courage, but neither of us who want to become truly free can avoid it.

To be able to safely explore even the most deeply hidden, repressed and forgotten areas of our subconscious, we sometimes need an experienced guide, who has already personally made this journey into the Lower World (as the shamans call it).

The whole process then doesn’t have to take months, years, or even in some cases a whole life, but it can happen very quickly, sometimes even instantly.

Our shadows, demons and worries can live only from the energy of our fear; that is: from the unconscious. Once we uncover and understand the true nature of the evil and negativity living (often unseen) and perpetually recycling itself within us, we lose all reasons to be afraid and we are free to use this life force creatively.

I know from my own experience that some of our painful points lie very deep, beyond many bleeding injuries and under heavy armor, which we put on every day, so that we can lead an endless exhausting battle with the things that hurt us. It often seems like nothing helps any longer – not even sophisticated western techniques and methods of personal development.

If this is also your case, the time has come to leave the analytical mind behind and to take a look even deeper -  to connect to the sacred wisdom of your body, energy and of our Earth. Such connection is nourishing, omniscient and naturally healing.

I will lead you on the truthful journey back to your full strength and joy of living without fear.

I’m using shamanic techniques and rituals that I learned in the “Healing of The Dark Side” course led by Alberto Villoldo in September 2022.

The shamanic approach is particularly suited for:

1.       cleansing and brightening of the energetic field,

2.       strengthening of energetic defenses,

3.       cutting and destruction of toxic energetic relations,

4.       healing of tribal and family lineages and honoring of ancestors,

5.       removing curses,

6.       releasing energetic parasites,

7.       disconnection of karmic links and binds,

8.       withdrawing from old energetic contracts and concluding new ones,

9.       connecting to the healing and nourishing power of the Earth,

10.     binding to natural forces and performing sacred cleansing rituals,

11.     bringing back our soul or its lost parts,

12.     discovering our true strength, courage and our own medicine/essence,

13.     strengthening of a personal vision and bringing it into practical effect in everyday life/work/creative pursuits,

14.     harmonization and healing of relationships – within a family as well as with a life partner.

Healing can take place in person or online, with verbal commentary or in complete silence.

You will feel the effect on all levels immediately.

I will be honored to be your guide and to open the sacred space for your healing.

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The meeting last 1 hour.


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I'm bringing you salutary medicine for pain and suffering that we often carry over generations and that prevents us from living happily and fully. I myself benefited from this cure and it helped me forgive and move forward.